The wild and largely inhospitable the Bastion Islands, mark southernmost extension of the Central Isles. Dotting the ocean to the south of Stomhaven, the rocky islands are famed for their treacherous currents and black weather. Their iron black reefs serve are the graveyard of countless ships. This part of the ocean is so wild that old sailors say kraken still hunt these waters.

Although a part of the Realm, the islands are largely untamed. The Islanders themselves are hardy sea folk; proudly independent men and women with salt running through their veins. Mainlanders view the islanders, with some justification, as a separate feral nation of wreckers and smugglers.


Bastion Islands

Main Islands:

While the Isle of Plenty is geographically part of the Bastion Islands, it doesn’t have much in common with the other islands. It is a rich and gentle place. Once it was given over to sheep farming, but now it is something of a playground for the rich. Most summers a good part of the upper class leaves sweltering Stormhaven to the poor and the mosquitoes and cross over to their summer estates on the island. During the summer two very famous races run. One is for yachts and the other is a flying race between the students of the War Flying College – fortunes are wagered on both races.

Lord Morgans Island is smaller than the Isle of Plenty but still quite civilised. This is where the East’s War Flying Academy is based. The War Flying Academy is where most of the young men and women selected to fly the Realm’s few remaining pegasi and griffon are trained.

Hazlewood is famous as the home to the Weather Mage’s spectacular Cathedral. Built into a cliff face, this majestic edifice is crowned by an enormous statue of Prince Isaladar slaying the demon. Through some arcane trick, the statue’s lance glows at night, acting as a lighthouse for mariners on these unforgiving seas. Unfortunately, due to their fear of the Tainted, too few travellers get to see this majestic sight.

Then we have the island and town of Granay. This, I suppose you could call the rotten heart of the Bastions. From what I have heard the Isle of Granay is as grim and desolate geographically as the town is morally. In fact I remember one traveller; perhaps it was de Cuffe, called it a ‘hive of scum and villainy’. I suppose a little fishing and farming goes on as well, but mostly the town exists so merchant captains who don’t much like paying the King’s taxes will unload there and then let the smugglers take the cargo to the mainland – while they drink away their ill gotten profits.

All the rest are fairly desolate and largely uninhabited with only the odd, lonley fishing village here and there, although I believe there are some impressive classical ruins on King’s Reach.